A Tragic Crime Stains Reformation Day in 2023: The Attack on Construction Manager Tino E. and the Silence of Suspected Killer Mario G.

Building contractor in Saxony-Anhalt killed with his dog present

On the fateful Reformation Day in 2023, a tragic crime occurred in Landsberg, Saxony-Anhalt. Tino E., a construction manager, was brutally attacked and killed while walking his loyal Labrador, “Keks,” by his side. The attack left Keks as the only witness to the crime, and he remained with his master until the police arrived.

Mario G., ex-husband of Tino E.’s wife Anne and suspected killer, remained silent after his arrest. He is set to face trial soon, and the prosecutor’s office in Halle accused him of waiting for Tino E. and deliberately attacking him. The police were able to create a movement profile of the suspect using surveillance camera footage that showed Mario G.’s travels from his home in Leipzig to Sietzsch where the crime took place.

The motive behind the attack seems to stem from a custody dispute between Mario G. and Anne over their daughter. Despite this, Mario G. has not provided any information about the allegations made against him, leaving many questions unanswered.

As legal proceedings continue, Keks remains loyal to his late master and will be an important witness in court. The case serves as a reminder of how tragic events can occur even on significant holidays like Reformation Day.

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