Age is Just a Number: Southern New Hampshire University Graduate Achieves Her Dream at 65

Spotlight on SNHU: Lynda Jarrett

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has been home to many diverse individuals, and Lynda Jarrett ’23 is no exception. At the age of 65, she achieved her goal of earning an online bachelor’s degree in business administration. During the Commencement ceremony, she was surrounded by her children, granddaughter, and sisters, expressing how amazing it felt to accomplish this milestone.

Initially considering a return to the field of education, Jarrett ultimately decided to pursue a business degree after being intrigued by SNHU’s program. She appreciated the flexibility of the online platform but admitted to feeling intimidated at first. However, she soon realized her capabilities and found the support to keep moving forward.

Receiving her first grade in the program was a validating moment for Jarrett, solidifying her decision to attend SNHU. She praised the instructors for truly listening to her and providing guidance throughout her studies. This affirmation fueled her determination and perseverance, motivating her to overcome any challenges that came her way.

Jarrett emphasized the importance of support and compassion within the SNHU community. She highlighted the kindness shown to her and fellow students by the faculty and staff. This sense of community and encouragement played a significant role in her educational journey.

At Commencement, Jarrett celebrated alongside her fellow students, acknowledging the significance of the graduation ritual in fostering a sense of belonging and unity. Despite being part of an online program where classmates may not have met in person, this occasion provided an opportunity to come together and commemorate their shared achievements.

In conclusion, Lynda Jarrett’s journey at Southern New Hampshire University revolved around her desire to complete her education at the age of 65 by earning an online bachelor’s degree in business administration. Her determination was fueled by support from family members as well as faculty members who listened attentively and provided guidance throughout

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