Ararat Brandy Factory Faces Ban Due to Quality Control Issues: Lesson Learned for Food and Beverage Industry”.

Ararat Cognac Factory products banned in Belarus

The “Ararat Brandy Factory” LLC, based in Belarus, has been banned from importing and selling their products due to quality control issues. This was announced by Alexander Tarasenko, the chief state sanitary doctor of Belarus, through the press service of the regional center of hygiene, epidemiology, and public health in Gomel.

According to TASS news agency, the factory’s products have been found to contain inconsistencies that pose a risk to public health. Specifically, a harmful dye was discovered in their brandy, prompting the need for an immediate ban on their products.

The “Ararat Brandy Factory” is known for producing high-quality wine and brandy items. However, this news serves as a reminder that strict quality control measures must be implemented in the production and distribution of food and beverage items to ensure public safety and health. The decision to ban these products will help prevent any further harm or negative consequences that may arise from contaminated products entering circulation.

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