Art Academy relocating to larger space: Expanding to Balloon Hall

Art Academy relocating to larger space: Expanding to Balloon Hall

The Vienna Arsenal’s balloon hall was constructed in 1916 as part of the military infrastructure in the third district. With its distinctive barrel roof and exposed brick masonry, it stands out as a listed building from the modern era. The Federal real estate company has decided to repurpose the balloon hall into a new location for the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Construction is set to begin at the end of 2025, with the move of the Institute for Restoration and Conservation and the Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in Art scheduled for the winter semester of 2027.

The architectural design by Schenker Salvi Weber Architects includes a box-like structure on stilts on the first floor of the balloon hall, housing seminar rooms for teaching at the institutes. This design allows the hall’s characteristic features to remain visible while creating a modern space for education. The extension also includes a one-story hall for workshops and studios, as well as a five-story front building for offices and laboratories, continuing the industrial architectural elements into the present.

Energy efficiency is a key focus of the design, with features like a shed roof for natural light, photovoltaics on the south-facing roof, and geothermal energy for heating and cooling. The construction is compact and highly insulated, with a flexible floor plan that can easily adapt to future uses. Preservation of existing trees and planting of new greenery are also part of the project.

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