Austrian Airlines Flight Attendants’ Struggle for Better Pay and Conditions: A Case Study

The AUA is struggling to locate individuals

Many Austrian Airlines employees, frustrated with the low salary offered by Lufthansa, had hoped for a compromise during negotiations. However, the significant disparity in pay between the two companies for the same work proved to be too great. The high turnover rate resulted from young employees being unable to sustain themselves due to the demanding nature of their jobs and low pay.

Some colleagues found it challenging to afford basic living expenses, especially those who needed a car to commute to work. The demands made by Vida, including better income potential, round-the-clock meals and suitable accommodation near the airport, were seen as essential by employees.

The job requirements had evolved over time to become more physically demanding, and schedules were often unpredictable. The stress caused by these factors made it difficult for some employees with families to maintain their well-being. In some cases, access to food options was limited, leading employees to bring their own meals or cook in their rooms.

To ensure that they remained physically fit for their demanding jobs, employees demanded amenities such as a pool and fitness area. While some aspects of these demands may have seemed excessive to outsiders, the employees believed they were necessary for their well-being and ability to perform their duties effectively.

The physical toll of the job was a constant concern for flight attendants, especially on their feet. Despite this challenge, they remained committed to providing excellent service and ensuring that passengers arrived safely at their destinations.

Overall, Austrian Airlines employees faced significant challenges in balancing work demands with personal needs and financial stability. However, through collective action and advocacy efforts led by Vida union members, they were able to make some progress towards improving working conditions and compensation levels.

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