Austrian Airlines Strike Threatens to Upend Financial Prospects: Unions and Airline Leaders Remain Committed to Negotiations

On-board staff strike looming closer

The future of Austrian Airlines hangs in the balance as on-board staff threatens to strike, involving at least 3,500 employees. Collective agreement negotiations ended without a resolution on Sunday and no discussions took place on Monday. However, both parties have expressed a willingness to continue negotiations.

The vida unionist Daniel Liebhart has stated that the union is prepared to negotiate at any time and has even set aside a room for talks at the ÖGB. The union’s main concern is financial numbers in their offer, which they have emphasized to Austrian Airlines.

On the other hand, AUA spokeswoman Sophie Matkovits has mentioned that the airline is eager to discuss their offer but requires significant movement from the union. She added that a decision regarding flight cancellations due to the strike threat will be made on Tuesday. If this happens, it could cost Austrian Airlines approximately 15 million euros, with potentially 430 flights for 52,000 passengers being canceled.

In case of flight cancellations, Austrian Airlines must provide replacement transportation to passengers, which could involve flights with other airlines or train/bus journeys or compensation for those unable to find alternatives. Both sides’ stakes are high in these negotiations, with the union seeking better financial terms while the airline calculates offers based on inflation and one-off payments. Despite the looming strike threat, both parties are open to further discussions to reach a resolution.

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