BBC AMP Pages: Understanding Your Data Collection Settings and Privacy Rights

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As a journalist, I will rewrite the article to provide users with more information about AMP pages and their data collection settings.

On AMP pages, users have the ability to manage their consent settings for data collection. These settings are specific to AMP pages only and are lightweight mobile pages created using Google AMP technology. Users may need to set them again if they visit non-AMP BBC pages.

The web pages require some essential data collection on the user’s device without requiring consent. This limited information is stored locally on the device to support the functionality of the web pages. Users can learn more about what essential information is stored on their device for this purpose.

In addition to essential data collection, there is also optional data collection that users can consent to on AMP pages. By agreeing to this data collection, users give permission for personalized ads to be displayed even when outside of the UK. More information on how ads are personalized at the BBC and with advertising partners can be found.

If users prefer not to receive personalized ads, they have the option to reject data collection and continue without them. It’s important to note that while ads will still be displayed, they will not be personalized based on user preferences. Users can adjust these settings at any time by clicking on “Ad Choices / Do not sell my info” in the footer.

To proceed with data collection and personalized ads, users can click on “Accept data collection and continue.” Alternatively, they can choose to reject data collection and continue without personalized ads.

Overall, it’s crucial for users to understand their rights when it comes to their consent settings for data collection on AMP pages and other websites alike. They should take advantage of tools such as Ad Choices or Do Not Sell My Info options provided by websites or apps they use frequently.

As a journalist reporting this issue, I urge you all to pay attention and make informed decisions regarding your privacy online.

In conclusion, it’s important for users who visit BBC AMP pages or other websites that use similar technologies like Google AMP technology understand that some necessary but limited information is collected without requiring consent from them locally on their device supporting web page functionality.

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