Bet365 x 1/ST Technology: Bringing Horse Racing to U.S. Customers through Innovative Betting Platforms

Bet365 Teams Up with 1/ST Technology

Bet365 has partnered with 1/ST Technology to bring horse racing to its U.S. customers through the 1/ST BET platform. This collaboration will enable the launch of Bet365’s Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) on horse racing, available through web and mobile app platforms in U.S. jurisdictions where ADW is permitted. Keith Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer of 1/ST Technology, expressed excitement about working with such a prestigious sports betting brand and introducing Bet365 customers to the top-tier pari-mutuel horse racing wagering experience offered by 1/ST BET.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in expanding the reach of horse racing to a wider audience, leveraging the expertise of both 1/ST Technology and Bet365 in the realm of sports betting. Through this collaboration, U.S. customers will have access to an enhanced and seamless horse racing betting experience online and on their mobile devices. The integration of Bet365’s ADW platform with 1/ST BET’s cutting-edge technology enhances the overall wagering experience for customers, providing a user-friendly interface and a wide range of betting options on horse races across various tracks.

The partnership between 1/ST Technology and Bet365 is part of a broader effort to elevate the horse racing industry in the U.S. and provide customers with a modern and engaging betting experience. By combining the strengths of both companies, this collaboration aims to attract new audiences to horse racing and enhance the overall betting experience for existing fans. With the launch of Bet365’s ADW platform through 1/ST BET, customers can expect a seamless and innovative approach to horse race wagering, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of betting on thoroughbred racing events.

In summary, this partnership between two leading players in the sports betting industry will bring a more convenient way for US customers to bet on horses through advanced deposit wagering platforms that are integrated into their favorite web or mobile app platforms, providing an enhanced wagering experience that is easy to use while offering many different options for bettors across multiple tracks.

The partnership also reflects a commitment from both companies towards expanding their reach into new markets while delivering better services to their clients, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction levels as well as attract new audiences interested in horse racing.

Overall this collaboration signifies an important milestone in bringing pari-mutuel horse racing closer to mainstream audiences while making it more accessible than ever before

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