E-commerce in Italy: Resilient Despite Economic Pressures

85 percent of Italians make at least one online purchase per month

The recent “Report on Italian e-commerce 2024” by the Idealo platform reveals that Italian consumers have a stable number of regular buyers for the third consecutive year, indicating the resilience and competitiveness of the e-commerce sector in Italy despite economic challenges like inflation and energy crisis. According to ISTAT data from 2023, consumer prices rose by an average of 5.7% compared to the previous year, with significant growth in the food sector. Despite these economic pressures, nearly half of digital users (47%) use price comparisons to access detailed product information, while a similar percentage (46%) search for special offers and discounts.

The analysis from Idealo also shows that 85% of digital users make at least one online purchase per month, with 24% making weekly purchases. This indicates a shift towards a more conscious and informed approach to online shopping as consumers become more aware of their spending habits and seek out more sustainable and economically advantageous options. The report highlights the competitiveness of Italian e-shops, showing that national online stores can offer savings opportunities comparable to international players. This is particularly true in the sports and outdoor sector, where over 58% of the most advantageous offers come from Italian e-shops.

Additionally, the report notes a growing interest in the second-hand market, particularly in electronics sector, with a 4% increase in interest compared to previous year. Used smartphones and notebooks are among most sought after products indicating a shift towards more sustainable and economically advantageous options. Online shopping preferences also vary by age group: electronics are more popular among 45-55 year olds while fashion and accessories are among 25-34 year olds.

This data provides valuable insights for online retailers helping them plan more effective sales strategies and utilize price comparison platforms to reach wider audience. The report underscores evolving trends in Italian e-commerce industry such as growing awareness about sustainability , competitiveness of Italian e-shop , increasing interest in second hand market etc., which makes it important for retailers to adapt their business strategies accordingly

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