Eastern Finland: Building Resilience Amid Adversity

The EU’s assistance is crucial for Eastern Finland

Despite the challenges faced by Eastern Finland, including the complete closure of the Russian border, there remains a sense of optimism and determination among companies in the region. The Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry (EK) has proposed a list of recommendations to revive the economy and vitality of Eastern Finland.

One recommendation is for Eastern Finland to be designated as a special economic zone to facilitate growth and development in the region. This would focus on accelerating business activities and creating a healthy, growing economy that contributes to the national GDP.

Another recommendation is to improve air connections to Eastern Finland, which would make it easier for businesses and individuals to travel to and from the region. Additionally, increasing investments in tourism could help boost economic activity in Eastern Finland.

The EU’s solidarity is also being called upon to support Russia’s neighboring countries, which are facing significant challenges due to the crisis. These countries are crucial for maintaining stability in the region, making it important for all stakeholders to work together towards a sustainable future.

Despite these challenges, there remains hope for Eastern Finland’s future thanks to its strong sense of community and determination among its companies. With careful planning and collaboration between public authorities and private organizations, Eastern Finland can overcome these obstacles and build a brighter future for itself and its people.

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