Empowering Haitian Entrepreneurs: The Role of the Haitian Business Association and Maryland Capital Enterprises

Local Haitian Business Owners Connected with Resources Through Small Business Workshop

The Haitian Business Association of the Eastern Shore Inc. and Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a small business workshop for local Haitian entrepreneurs in Salisbury. With over 25 Haitian businesses in the area, it was clear that such an organization was necessary to support the community. The goal of the HBA is to educate, connect and empower the Haitian community by providing access to resources like the Chamber of Commerce.

During the workshop, participants learned about gaining access to capital, grant opportunities, and technical support. As Haitian business owners, they face unique challenges such as language barriers. Initiatives like this workshop and organizations like Maryland Capital Enterprises aim to address these challenges and provide support to the community.

Maryland Capital Enterprises (MCE), a nonprofit organization, has allocated $150,000 in funding to offer loans ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 for Haitian entrepreneurs on the shore. By building trust within the community and demonstrating that resources are available to support them, MCE aims to make it easier for Haitian entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and vision for their businesses.

For many of these entrepreneurs, starting a business is about more than just being their own boss; it offers them a new sense of freedom that allows them better provide for their families, become more independent and achieve financial freedom. Organizations like MCE offer technical assistance, counseling

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