ESPN’s Director of Business Development & Innovation, Allison Loucks, Speaks at SVG Digital Engagement Forum on the Importance of Analytics in Shaping Viewer Experiences

The Challenge of Incorporating Analytics in Live Sports Broadcasts: Insights from ESPN’s Allison Loucks

Allison Loucks, Director of Business Development & Innovation at ESPN, recently delivered a keynote speech at the SVG Digital Engagement Forum in NYC. As the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN is renowned for its cutting-edge methods of delivering live sports content to fans. The network boasts a dedicated analytics team that continuously seeks out new ways to enhance the viewer experience across multiple platforms.

During her speech, Loucks highlighted the critical role that analytics plays in shaping viewer experiences, ranging from traditional television broadcasts to mobile apps, social media, and even sports betting. By harnessing data and technology, ESPN is able to create dynamic and captivating content that resonates with fans on various levels.

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