European Commission Launches Probe into Tech Giants Apple, Google, and Meta Platforms for Anti-Competitive Behavior

EU Commission Launches Investigation into Apple, Google, and Meta, Threatening them with Massive Fines

The European Commission has launched an investigation into three American technology giants, Apple, Alphabet’s Google, and Meta Platforms, to determine if they have breached the EU’s digital market regulations. This is the first probe under the new digital market act, which aims to regulate the dominance of tech companies and promote fair competition.

The Digital Market Act was enacted on March 7th and targets the so-called gatekeeper position of major tech companies to encourage competition and consumer choice. Companies found in violation of the regulation could face fines of up to ten percent of their global turnover, potentially resulting in substantial penalties given their significant revenues.

The specific focus of the investigation will be on Alphabet’s Google Play store, Apple’s App store, Google’s search engine practices, and Meta’s Instagram and Facebook subscription payment models. The Commission will examine whether these companies comply with the provisions outlined in the Digital Market Act, with particular attention to any anti-competitive behavior.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager emphasized at a press conference that the three companies under investigation have not fully met the requirements of the Digital Market Act. While Meta and Google have expressed their commitment to complying with the regulation, Apple has defended its operating methods and stated its confidence in their alignment with the legislation.

The investigation represents a crucial step in the EU’s efforts to enforce digital market regulation and promote fair competition among tech companies. The outcome of this probe will provide valuable insights into the practices of these major players in the digital market and could result in significant repercussions for their operations.

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