From Juha to Diversity: Celebrating Progress at the Helsinki Stock Exchange

Women have surpassed men in becoming CEOs of listed companies

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in diversity among CEOs at the Helsinki Stock Exchange. According to responsibility consultant Kaisa Hernberg, there are now more women CEOs than Juha CEOs in the city. This is a welcome change from 2015 when there were more CEOs named Juha than women.

Hernberg notes that while the current share of women CEOs is slightly over seven percent, there is still room for improvement in achieving greater gender diversity among top executives. Despite this, progress has been made, and it’s worth celebrating.

Data collected by the Union of Women’s Affairs in 2015 showed that at that time, more listed companies were led by men named Juha rather than women. However, recent calculations suggest that this trend may have reversed. The Central Chamber of Commerce’s annual review of female managers shows a decrease in the number of female CEOs since last year.

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