From Steph to MVP: A Look at the NBA’s Hottest Stories on The Good Word with Goodwill Podcast

Embiid Shines Against OKC, Curry Struggles with Physical Play, and Luka Makes His MVP Case | Good Word with Goodwill

Vincent Goodwill, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter, shares his thoughts on the biggest stories from last night’s games on The Good Word with Goodwill podcast. In this episode, he discusses his concerns about Steph Curry’s recent struggles and how a more physical game might affect him. He also talks about Luka Doncic’s potential MVP candidacy and what makes the Cleveland Cavaliers so intriguing.

One of the most notable events from last night was Joel Embiid’s return to the 76ers and his impressive performance in a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Additionally, Nikola Jokic showcased his skills in a standout game against the San Antonio Spurs, drawing attention to the future of the center position.

The Bucks’ loss to the Wizards in Washington DC raised some eyebrows, especially as Doc Rivers appeared to deflect blame onto others. Meanwhile, Draymond Green led the Warriors to a victory over the Mavericks. Despite improvements, questions remain about whether the Cavaliers can replicate their previous success in the post-season.

As the podcast wraps up, Vincent discusses Donovan Mitchell’s situation as a potential free agent after next season and how much attention he is receiving from other teams. For more NBA insights and discussions, subscribe to The Good Word with Goodwill on YouTube. You can also explore other Yahoo Sports podcasts at .

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