From Violence to Prosperity: How Technology and Training Transformed the Fisheries Industry in Papua New Guinea through the Efforts of Master’s Student Joshua Noiney

Aquaculture advancements: PNG fish farming explained in depth

Joshua Noiney, a master’s student from UNSW Sydney, has been making waves in the fisheries industry of Papua New Guinea (PNG) since he began his studies in 2017. Through his implementation of technology and training programs, he has revolutionized fish farming practices in the country. Mr. Noiney has used fish farming as a tool to bring positive change to communities that have a history of violence.

Working alongside Prof. Sammut, Mr. Noiney’s projects are part of a collaborative effort between UNSW Sydney, various agencies, NGOs, and governments in Australia and PNG. These projects also involve local schools, prisons, and communities, aiming to uplift lives and livelihoods through the promotion of sustainable fish farming practices. The multi-disciplinary teams from both countries work together as equals, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and partnership in achieving their goals.

The success of these projects can be seen in the significant growth of the fish farming industry in PNG. From around 11,000 fish farms in 2009, the industry has now expanded to over 70,000 farms in 2023. This growth is a testament to the positive impact of the collaborative efforts of the teams involved as well as the dedication and innovation of individuals like Joshua Noiney who have brought about this change through their contributions towards sustainable fish farming practices

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