Government Postpones Ratification of Ceta Treaty Amidst Political Uncertainty

Franck Riester announces no vote in National Assembly before European elections on Ceta

In an unexpected move, the government has decided not to transmit the draft ratification of Ceta, a free trade agreement between the EU and Canada, to the National Assembly before the European elections. The treaty has been provisionally applied since 2017. This decision was made after an embarrassing setback for the executive when the Senate rejected the ratification of the treaty on March 21.

A left-right alliance in the Senate had caused a delay in the process just before the European elections. However, communist deputies planned to include the text in their reserved parliamentary time, scheduled for May 30 in the Assembly, ten days before Europe day. The government, however, seemed determined to postpone it further and table it at a later date.

Minister Riester explained that this bill will be transmitted at an appropriate time but only after the European elections to allow for a peaceful debate. He emphasized that opposition groups should not use this debate for electoral purposes. Minister Riester criticized

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