Indulge in Science: A Night of Food and Cooking Discoveries at TLU’s Chemistry CHAOS

TLU’s Chemistry CHAOS Night: A Delicious Blend of Science Returning Tonight

Get ready for a night of delicious fun and exciting exploration as Texas Lutheran University’s annual Chemistry CHAOS Night returns! This event, which stands for Chemistry Happens with Adventurous Outstanding Scientists, promises to engage participants of all ages in the wonders of chemistry.

This year’s theme is The Chemistry of Food and Cooking, and attendees can expect a variety of hands-on activities that will teach them about the science behind everyday foods. Kids will have the chance to learn about the processes that occur in the world of food and cooking through safe experiments that may not be possible at home.

Dr. Alison Bray, professor and chair of the chemistry department at TLU, emphasizes the importance of understanding these processes in order to make informed choices about what we eat. “By learning more about the science behind food and cooking, we can better appreciate the art and science that goes into making our favorite dishes,” she says.

Activities at Chemistry CHAOS include making biopolymers in the form of rice paper sushi wraps, conducting candy chromatography, and tasting liquid nitrogen ice cream. The event is open to kids from kindergarten through high school, as well as those young at heart who are interested in learning more about the science of food and cooking.

Chemistry CHAOS will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Jackson Park’s Student Activities Center today. The event, hosted by TLU’s Pi Rho Chemistry Club, is free for the public to attend. Come join us for a night of fun and exploration as we delve into the exciting world of food and cooking science!

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