Innovative Solutions to Complex Environmental Challenges: Pitt Undergraduates’ Papers Published in prestigious Journal of Science Policy and Governance

Students published in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance

Undergraduate students from the University of Pittsburgh’s spring 2023 Environmental Law and Policy class have had their papers published in the April issue of the prestigious Journal of Science Policy and Governance. The class aimed to have students identify science policy problems and propose innovative solutions. The teams consisted of students from various majors at Pitt, including environmental studies and environmental science.

The opportunity for undergraduate students to have their work published in a respected journal like the Journal of Science Policy and Governance is a testament to the quality of education and research being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh. The collaboration between undergraduate students and experienced researchers and faculty members highlights the interdisciplinary approach to addressing complex environmental challenges.

One of the papers published was titled “Dangers of Oxybenzone in Sunscreens on Coral Reefs: Proposed Policy Approaches” and was written by Yasmine Florent, Mackenzie Nemoto, Ana Rowley, Vanessa Pratt, and recent graduate Maria Isabel Villegas (A&S ’24). Another paper, titled “Mitigating the Invasive Method of Hydraulic Fracturing Through a Phase Out Policy Plan,” was authored by Ashlynn Moretti, Madilyn Cianci, Mina Kimak, and Savannah Johns (A&S ’23). These papers showcased the students’ research and recommendations on important environmental issues.

By providing a platform for students to share their ideas and recommendations, the class has made a meaningful contribution to ongoing discussions surrounding environmental policy. It also demonstrates how interdisciplinary teams can work together effectively to address complex issues that require expertise from multiple fields. Overall, this achievement is a testament to

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