Israel Lags Behind Developed Countries in Hospital Bed Availability, but Plans to Improve Healthcare System with Additional Beds and Funding

Israel’s Health System Ranks at the Bottom of OECD Countries: A Troubling Report

The new report shows that Israel had a lower rate of general hospital beds compared to the average of developed countries. In 2022, Israel had 2.1 beds per thousand people while the average was 2.4. This puts Israel at fourth place from the bottom on the list, with South Korea leading with 7.3 beds per thousand inhabitants and Germany following closely behind with 5.8 beds per thousand people.

The psychiatric hospitalization rate in Israel is even lower than the general hospital beds rate, with only 0.3 beds per thousand people. This is below the OECD average of 0.1 beds per thousand people and Korea and Belgium lead the list with 1.3 beds per thousand people each. Additionally, Israel lags behind in rehabilitation departments, with only 0.3 beds per thousand people, which is below the OECD average of 0.5 beds per thousand people.

In response to these findings, Minister of Health Uriel Bosso has announced plans to add additional hospital beds in order to improve the health system for all residents of Israel. In the next five years, an estimated additional 1,790 general hospital beds will be added, bringing the total number to around 17,500 bed spaces in Israel’s hospitals. The Ministry also plans to add more beds in rehabilitation departments and psychiatric wards as part of its ongoing efforts to provide better medical services for everyone in Israel.

Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov highlighted the importance of these additions as a key part of ongoing efforts to improve accessibility and quality of care for Israeli patients.

The Ministry is committed to continuing its efforts to improve the health system for all residents of Israel by adding more hospital beds, increasing funding for medical personnel and equipment, and improving accessibility and quality of care across all areas.

Overall, this report highlights that while there are still areas for improvement when it comes to healthcare systems around the world, by taking action now we can ensure that our healthcare systems remain strong enough to provide adequate care for all residents now and into the future.

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