Mastering Leadership: U.S. Army Officer Shares Insights with Students at Munich Business School

Director of CATC Imparts Leadership Wisdom to Students at Munich Business School

Recently, Lt. Col. Austin Luher, Director of the 7th Army Training Command Combined Arms Training Center, worked with students at the Munich Business School on a practical leadership exercise. Drawing on his 18 years of experience as a U.S. Army officer and his Master of Business Administration degree, Luher shared valuable insights on leadership with the students.

Luher emphasized the importance of self-assessment and integrity in leadership during the session. He highlighted that knowing oneself is a key element in effective leadership. The students, hailing from diverse backgrounds in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, engaged with Luher in discussions on leadership and data analysis.

Luher’s background in data analysis resonated with the students as he discussed the significance of making data-driven decisions in leadership roles. He stressed the importance of understanding team dynamics and leveraging individual strengths to achieve collective goals.

Through initiatives like this session at the Munich Business School, the 7th Army Training Command fosters multinational partnerships and promotes interoperability among allied and partnered nations. These outreach events play a crucial role in educating future leaders about the U.S. Army’s values and leadership principles.

The collaboration between Luher and the students exemplifies the commitment to developing effective leadership skills in a diverse and interconnected global landscape.

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