Meghan Markle Unveils Her New Lifestyle Brand ‘American Riviera Orchard’ – What You Need to Know

Duchess of Sussex announces new lifestyle brand featuring a range of products from body lotion to gardening tools

British Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, has recently launched her new lifestyle brand under the name American Riviera Orchard. The brand is still in its early stages, with only a few details available about what it will offer. A grainy video of flowers, Markle stirring a pot in a kitchen, and a woman in a black dress have been shared on the brand’s Instagram page.

Despite the limited information available, reports suggest that Meghan’s trademark application indicates plans to sell household goods like towels and carafes, as well as food products. There are also hints that makeup, body lotions, shower gels, various soaps, bath salts, hand cream, fragrance oils, air fresheners, and non-medicated pet care products like shampoo and conditioner for pets may be added to the brand’s offerings. The scope of products is extensive and encompasses lamps, garden tools, birdhouses, yoga mats, jewelry, stationery, pillows

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