Mentorship Magic: How Whitewater High is Fostering a Love for Science in Young Minds

Collaboration ignites passion for science

The Sara Harp Minter Elementary Science Olympiad team has been receiving valuable support from mentors at Whitewater High, helping them hone their science skills in preparation for competitions. For the past three years, students from the Whitewater High Science National Honor Society have volunteered to mentor the Minter students, visiting them every Friday morning to inspire and deepen their understanding of the content for their events. These mentors bring hands-on activities and games to help the students strengthen their knowledge for the county competition.

The collaboration between enrichment teacher Stacy McClanahan, 1st grade teacher Kristi Soong, and Whitewater High science teachers Kathryn Dupree and Shelley Kozlowski has helped foster a love for science among students. McClanahan expressed gratitude for the Whitewater students who are willing to develop relationships with and mentor the Mountain Lions. The collective goal of this collaboration is to inspire a love for all things science and build relationships within the Whitewater community.

In addition to supporting the Minter students during competitions, the mentors from Whitewater High also share their passion for science with the community through the Whitewater STEAM bus. This dedication to science has motivated past students to continue participating in Science Olympiad even as they move on to middle school. The support and mentorship provided by the high school students have been instrumental in helping the Minter students succeed in their science endeavors.

The Sara Harp Minter Elementary Science Olympiad team is grateful for the guidance and support provided by their mentors at Whitewater High. The collaboration between these two schools has helped cultivate a love for science among young minds and has contributed significantly to their success in competition.

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