Motorola and Assurant Launch Eco-Friendly Buyback Program in Argentina: Plan Canja Motorola

Get up to 500,000 pesos off with trade-in of old cell phones

Motorola has launched a new program in Argentina, called Plan Canja Motorola, in collaboration with Assurant. The initiative aims to promote the buyback and upgrade of smartphones while also encouraging environmental care. Under this program, Motorola plans to recondition 1,000 pieces of used equipment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Interested users can visit the official Motorola stores, including eight flagship stores and 29 stores located in major shopping malls across the country. An advisor will inspect the condition of the equipment being traded in and provide an estimated value based on the model and condition. Users can trade in old Motorola, Apple (iPhone 7 and newer), and Samsung devices from various family lines for a new smartphone. The program also extends to damaged equipment as long as it functions properly.

Additional discounts may be offered for premium segment phones like the motorola edge 40 pro and motorola razr 40 ultra. The values of the equipment traded in vary depending on the model, but users may receive additional discounts up to 10% if they choose a premium segment phone. The program also includes benefits such as interest-free installments and free shipping. This initiative not only benefits users by offering affordable upgrades but also helps in reducing electronic waste and environmental impact.

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