NFL News, Mock Draft Picks and Tribute to Terez Paylor: A Comprehensive Look at Zero Blitz’ Upcoming Episode

Nate Tice and Zero Blitz Present: Live First Round Mock Draft

In the upcoming episode of Zero Blitz, hosts Jason Fitz and Nate Tice will be sharing their thoughts on recent NFL news, including rule changes announced at the owner’s meetings and the Tennessee Titans’ acquisition of CB L’Jarius Sneed. The duo will also be conducting a full first-round mock draft, making alternate picks throughout the process.

The show kicks off with Fitz and Nate discussing recent developments in the league, including new rules that have been put in place to make games safer for players. They also share their opinions on some controversial decisions made by teams recently, such as the Las Vegas Raiders passing on a quarterback and Rome Odunze being selected by the Chicago Bears.

As they continue to discuss their mock draft picks, Fitz and Nate engage in lively debates about which players are worth taking in each round. Some of their selections include Brock Bowers to the Los Angeles Rams and Bo Nix to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In addition to discussing NFL news and conducting their mock draft, Fitz and Tice also pay tribute to late Yahoo Sports NFL coverage legend Terez Paylor by continuing to produce content inspired by his legacy. Listeners can support several initiatives aimed at keeping his memory alive through education and journalism opportunities. These include purchasing an “All-Juice Team” hoodie or tee from, donating to the PowerMizzou Journalism Alumni Scholarship in memory of Terez Paylor, or making a direct contribution to the Terez A. Paylor Scholarship at Howard University.

Overall, this episode of Zero Blitz promises to be an exciting one filled with thoughtful discussions about NFL news and entertaining mock draft selections. And with its focus on honoring Terez Paylor’s memory through important contributions to education and journalism, it’s sure to inspire listeners as well!

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