Physical activity can significantly affect your brain wellness

Physical activity can significantly affect your brain wellness

Exercise is known to have a positive impact on our physical health, but it also plays a significant role in brain health. In a recent episode of the Let’s Get Moving with Maria podcast, Alex Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder of Intrinsic Medicine, discussed the types of exercise that can improve cognitive function.

Martinez emphasized that the type of exercise we do matters when it comes to brain health. He explained that exercise can change the microbiome, and different types of exercise can have varying effects. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is particularly beneficial for improving neuron profiles, neurotransmitter signals, and cognitive function. Martinez recommended finding an appropriate HIIT routine based on individual needs and prioritizing safety during exercise.

To ensure safety during high-intensity exercise, Martinez advised using a heart monitor or wearable device to calculate heart rate max and monitor intensity levels. It is recommended to work towards reaching at least 90 percent of heart rate max during high-intensity exercise, with a goal of reaching about 95 percent for optimal benefits.

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