Revolutionizing Business Printing: HP’s OfficeJet Pro Series Offers Efficiency, Sustainability, and Flexibility for Spanish SMEs

Spanish Small and Medium Enterprises Print Over 1,000 Pages Monthly While Striving for Sustainability without Sacrificing Productivity

HP’s OfficeJet Pro series is being marketed as the ultimate solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Spain, where document printing is a daily necessity for many organizations. SMEs and self-employed individuals in the country print an average of 1,100 pages per month, according to a report by GFK.

The report emphasized the need for printers that are user-friendly, economical, and do not cause any problems for SMEs and self-employed individuals. Sustainability is also a key concern for these organizations, with 83% of them considering it important. In response to these requirements, HP has launched the HP OfficeJet Pro series of printers, which aim to improve productivity while maintaining a focus on sustainability.

The HP OfficeJet Pro printers are designed to make work easier from home or the office, with built-in security features to prevent cyber attacks. These printers promise less need for cartridge replacement, reducing the carbon footprint and waste of companies. To further streamline processes and boost savings, HP offers an Instant Ink subscription that delivers ink directly to businesses before it runs out. This service also includes a postage-paid envelope for recycling spent cartridges at no extra cost. With Instant Ink, users can save up to 70% on ink or 50% on toner, with flexible printing plans that can be changed or canceled at any time.

The HP OfficeJet Pro series is also equipped with modern interfaces and integrated cloud solutions that enable easy access to printing features from anywhere in the world. The printers offer up to 25 pages per minute printing speeds and can hold up to 500 pages in the input tray. They also support DCI-P3 color quality standards, offering a 25% wider color gamut than sRGB. These features make the HP OfficeJet Pro series an ideal choice for businesses that require productive color printers in their office space.

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