Revolutionizing Gene Therapy Manufacturing with Pro10™: The Scalable and Efficient Solution

A Pro10 Cell Line: Proprietary Mammalian Suspension Technology for Scalable rAAV Production

The Pro10™ cell line is a new technology that enhances the efficiency and scalability of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) production for gene therapy manufacturing. This proprietary mammalian suspension technology enables the scalable and robust production of rAAVs, addressing the challenges associated with large-scale manufacturing in AAV gene therapies.

The Pro10™ cells have been fully characterized and licensed for gene therapy development by various biopharmaceutical companies, making them a reliable choice for viral vector manufacturing processes. Viralgen utilizes these cells as the core of a scalable rAAV vector manufacturing process, showcasing consistent and reproducible cell growth rates even when scaled up to 2000L.

These cells have demonstrated similar productivity levels in both small and large-scale bioreactors and are capable of producing various AAV serotypes. The Pro10™ cells play a critical role in Viralgen’s platform process for manufacturing AAV vectors and have significantly contributed to the production of innovative gene therapies.

For more information on the HEK293 derived animal component-free suspension Pro10™ cell line, access the full PDF detailing its characteristics and potential benefits for process development in gene therapy manufacturing.

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