Salary Purchasing Power Declines Again Due to Inflation and Trends in Adult Entertainment

Another Loss to Inflation in January

In January, formal salaries with contributions to Social Security once again lost purchasing power due to inflation. On average, salaries increased by 14.7% while inflation was at 20.6%, resulting in a decline of 4.9%. This decline adds to the 17.9% decrease in purchasing power since December, with salaries having a nominal increase of 24.2% and inflation reaching 51.2% in December-January.

The salary drop in January deepened the decline that formal salaries had been experiencing over the past year, with a loss of purchasing power of 20%. By the end of 2023, the average salary rose from $194,175.11 in December 2022 to $484,298.40, representing an increase of 149.4% versus an inflation of 211.4%. The average salary in January was $555,269.16, below the poverty family basket value for a couple with two minor children.

Inflation has been taking its toll on formal salaries and their purchasing power over the past year and more specifically in January where they lost ground due to their sharp decline compared to inflation rates.

The RIPTE (Rentas Integrales de Pensiones y Tributos Especiales) accumulates a loss of more than 30% compared to the end of 2015, with 20 points attributed to the government of Mauricio Macri and 10 points to that of Alberto Fernández.

The Secretary of Social Security notes that the RIPTE calculation considers various factors including tax collection for Social Security.

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