Samsung’s AI-Powered Bespoke 2024 Appliance Line Revolutionizes Home Life

Samsung introduces new Bespoke appliances with AI at the forefront for enhanced efficiency

Samsung has recently launched its new Bespoke 2024 appliance line, featuring innovative features that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The company aims to revolutionize the home appliance industry with connectivity based on SmartThings.

The launch event, “Welcome to BESPOKE AI,” took place in Paris, Seoul, and New York, where Samsung showcased its advancements in AI for its appliances. Samsung’s CEO highlighted the appliances’ ability to exceed common tasks through the application of AI and connectivity.

The new range of appliances incorporates AI Home LCD screens that transform devices into entertainment platforms and control centers. Users can make phone calls, activate functions on other appliances, and play music or videos from the internet app.

Among the new features demonstrated by Samsung are the 3D Map View tool for managing home devices, Mobile Smart Connect for controlling appliances via smartphone, and the Bespoke Flex four-door refrigerator with AI Family Hub+ and AI Vision Inside function. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo AI vacuum cleaner robot with intelligent AI recognition and AI Floor Detect technology was also showcased. Samsung also introduced a new range of refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens with AI Hub technology.

Samsung plans to incorporate generative AI into Bespoke appliances to enable fluid conversations with users. The company aims to offer more than 100 interconnected experiences with Samsung appliances to transform modern domestic life. In addition to upgrading WiFi-enabled appliances for energy efficiency, Samsung will provide software updates and security patches to enhance performance. The company also plans to launch Samsung Rewards for energy-saving incentives and emphasizes cybersecurity with Samsung Knox technology.

Samsung’s goal is to create a seamless user experience through its innovative features and connectivity options. With its latest product line, the company continues to push boundaries in the home appliance industry and provide customers with cutting-edge technology that enhances their daily lives at home.

Overall, this new range of products represents a significant step forward for Samsung in terms of innovation and connectivity within the home appliance industry.

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