SawStop Technology: A Step Towards Safer Table Saws

Government Could Require Advanced Safety Technology on Table Saws

Table saws are a popular tool for cutting materials quickly and with precision, but they also pose a risk for serious injuries. Over 30,000 injuries caused by table saws occur each year, and it’s time for the US government to take action to prevent them.

Matt Baxter, the assistant manager at Woodcraft of Tulsa, has seen firsthand how dangerous table saws can be due to their high-speed spinning blade that can easily pull workpieces into it. He emphasizes the importance of paying close attention to work and hand placement to avoid accidents. However, some individuals may not exercise the same level of caution and end up with missing fingers or other severe injuries.

There is technology available to prevent such injuries, such as SawStop table saws with safety features that immediately stop the blade from spinning upon detecting contact with skin. This technology works by running an electrical current through the blade, completing a circuit using the natural electrical current present in the body. It’s a minor cut compared to a severe injury that could have occurred without this safety measure.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is proposing a rule to mandate safety brakes on all table saws sold in the United States, and Laura Kane, manager at Woodcraft of Tulsa, agrees that safety features on table saws are essential for preventing accidents and injuries. She believes that this mandate will ultimately make table saws much safer for users. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has already voted to move forward with the mandate, with approval expected later this year.

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