Sharjah Tourism Soars in 2023 with More Than 1.5 Million Guests and International Recognition

There was an 11% increase in hotel guests in Sharjah during 2023, with a total of 1.5 million guests.

The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority recently announced that the emirate received more than 1.5 million hotel guests during the year 2023, recording an increase of 11% compared to 2022. This growth reflects the sustainable tourism development in Sharjah and highlights its potential as a leading tourist destination. Russia and the Baltic countries were the top sources of guests, with an increase of 36% from Sharjah, followed by Gulf countries with a growth rate of 17%, and Australia and Pacific countries coming in third place with a 15% increase.

During a press conference at the Arabian Travel Market 2024 in Dubai, the authority showcased various public and private sector entities under the “Sharjah Pavilion” to highlight the most prominent components of the tourism sector in Sharjah. They also revealed details of new projects and sustainable tourist destinations in the emirate, including “Development and Organization of Al Badayer” in partnership with Department of Economic Development, and “Mleiha National Park” under Shurooq.

The Commerce and Tourism Development Authority stressed Sharjah’s position as a preferred tourist destination for both Arab and foreign guests due to its advanced facilities, over 100 hotels with more than 10,000 rooms. Efforts are ongoing to enhance services and facilities to accommodate expected increases in guest numbers.

The results showed that Gulf Cooperation Council countries (excluding UAE) saw significant growth in guest numbers from Oman and Saudi Arabia in particular. Chairman Khaled Jassim Al Midfa emphasized Sharjah’s development in tourism sector attributed it to wise leadership vision. He highlighted crucial role of tourism supporting local economy creating job opportunities contributing to comprehensive economic growth of emirate.

During Arabian Travel Market 2024 exhibition, Sharjah Pavilion presented interactive experiences utilizing latest digital technologies to showcase history present ambitions of emirate through virtual tours environments sports experiences kayaking learning about cultural natural richness through interactive exhibits commitment sustainability innovation investment national talent key pillars tourism strategy was highlighted

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