Steward Health Care’s Financial Crisis and its Impact on Massachusetts Residents: A Hearing is Scheduled for Monday

NBC Boston reports on Steward Health Care’s hearing at Mass. State House on Monday.

Massachusetts lawmakers have scheduled a hearing for Monday to discuss the issue of private equity ownership in healthcare, with a focus on Steward Health Care. The company currently owns nine hospitals in Massachusetts and is facing a financial crisis.

Governor Maura Healey has accused the management of Steward Health Care of being responsible for the company’s current financial troubles. The potential withdrawal of Steward Health Care from the state has raised concerns about the future of healthcare services for Massachusetts residents.

State Representative Campbell has called for more transparency from Steward Health Care during a recent interview with Cory Smith and Sue O’Connell. The uncertain future of the company could have serious implications for the accessibility of healthcare for hundreds of thousands of people in the state.

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