The Importance of Cleaning Your Phone for Health and Hygiene: Tips and Tricks

Proper Techniques for Cleaning Cell Phone and Computer Screens

Research has shown that people touch their mobile phone screens an average of 2,617 times per day. This constant contact with screens can result in the accumulation of dirt and grime, including dust and hand grease. Additionally, cell phones can harbor microorganisms such as bacteria like staphylococcus, which are typically not harmful. However, phones that have been in contact with hospital environments may carry bacteria that can transmit diseases.

To keep your phone clean and hygienic, it is important to regularly clean the screen and other parts of the device. Avoid using certain cleaning products such as toilet paper, disposable wipes, cloths that leave lint, glass cleaners, common alcohol, and products containing ammonia or abrasives. These products can damage the screen’s coating and electronic circuits.

To effectively clean your phone, turn it off and disconnect it from any power source. Remove the cover to access all areas of the phone. Use a soft microfiber cloth dampened with water to clean the screen and remove fingerprints and stains. For a deeper clean, create a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol (70%) in a 60:40 ratio, which is safe for electronic devices.

Establishing a routine cleaning process can help keep your phone looking new while maintaining its functionality. Take precautions during cleaning by covering ports and avoiding water accumulation. By following these steps

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