TikTok’s Global Youth Council: Empowering Teenagers to Create a Safer and More Inclusive Platform

Global Youth Council Launched by TikTok to Enhance Teen Safety on Social Platform | TECHNOLOGY

TikTok is taking steps to enhance the safety of teenagers on its platform with the establishment of a new program, the Global Youth Council. The council brings together 15 users aged between 15 and 18 from various countries to provide insights on well-being and inclusion on TikTok.

TikTok has already implemented several tools to protect minor users, including the Family Synchronization feature. The goal of this initiative is to create a safe space where young people can freely express themselves without fear of harm or exploitation.

The company announced plans for a Global Youth Council in 2023, with the aim of listening to the experiences of young users and creating a more inclusive platform. The council now includes 15 teenagers from different countries, representing various communities and defending young creators’ interests.

During its second meeting, the Youth Council collaborated with online security agency Praesidio Safeguarding, which provided expertise in security and digital well-being. The council outlined its priorities for the year, focusing on improving the well-being and inclusion of young people on TikTok. One of their main concerns was redesigning the TikTok Youth Portal to make it easier for young users to access resources and support. They also discussed gaining more insight into complaints and account blocking processes to ensure that young people feel heard and valued on the platform.

TikTok has conducted a global study in partnership with ConnectSafely, involving over 12,000 adolescents and their guardians, demonstrating their commitment to working closely with platforms to enhance safety measures. The company emphasizes the importance of external perspectives in enhancing safety measures on TikTok and continues to implement innovations focused on security. For example, new media literacy campaigns will be launched in the United States aimed at countering misinformation and AI-generated content.

Overall, TikTok’s Global Youth Council is an important step towards creating a safer and more inclusive social media platform for teenagers around the world. By listening to young people’s experiences and implementing innovative solutions focused on security, TikTok is helping to ensure that its users can freely express themselves without fear of harm or exploitation.

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