Trump’s Tech Venture Soars: DJT’s Merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. and the Success of Truth Social

Shares of Trump Media & Technology Group Surge Before Market Open According to

On Monday, the Trump Media & Technology Group (DJT) completed its merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp., allowing it to begin trading on the stock market. Following its debut, DJT saw a remarkable gain of more than 16%, with shares continuing to rise by another 16% premarket. The surge in stock prices comes after Donald Trump’s social media company, Truth Social, experienced a massive 50% increase in value just minutes after becoming publicly traded on Tuesday.

Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, was developed after he was banned from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Despite being reinstated on those platforms, Trump has remained loyal to Truth Social. He is the majority shareholder of DJT, holding approximately 78 million shares in the company, according to recent filings.

DJT’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach to social media, offering users a platform that prioritizes free speech and privacy. The company has also been successful in attracting high-profile users and influencers who are looking for an alternative to mainstream platforms. With the continued growth of Truth Social and DJT’s success on the stock market, it looks like the former president’s venture into technology is paying off.

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