Unrivaled Training: Mike Tyson’s Modern Boxing Gym Draws Attention in Las Vegas

Mike Tyson constructed this modern training facility for the upcoming Jake Paul fight

Mike Tyson, a former world champion who honed his skills on the streets of Brownsville, New York, is currently preparing for a boxing match against Jake Paul. The gym where he is training has been receiving attention for its sleek design and modern amenities.

Tyson’s wife, Kiki, designed the space after the Mike Tyson Boxing Club in Saudi Arabia. The gym features images of Tyson working out and includes luxurious leather chairs for spectators outside the ring. Despite the possibility of Tyson losing his fight against Paul, the gym could potentially win architectural awards for its innovative design.

Mark Davis, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, allowed Tyson and his team to utilize a warehouse space for training. Azim Spicer mentioned that Mark Davis has been instrumental in helping bring Tyson’s vision to life by connecting them with top vendors to build out the space. The gym is a modern space with a nod to Tyson’s past, featuring a Cus D’Amato Willie Heavy Bag that D’Amato once used to teach Tyson punching combinations.

Access to the gym is limited as it is a very private facility and fans and spectators hoping to visit or take a tour may find it challenging due to its exclusive nature. Amidst preparations for his fight against Jake Paul, Mike Tyson’s training gym has become an intriguing focal point for those following his journey back into the ring.

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