Urging Congress to Extend Affordable Connectivity Program for Telehealth Success: The Importance of High-Speed Internet Access for Patient Care

AHA Calls on Congress to Expand Affordable Connectivity Program for Improved Digital Healthcare Services

In a letter to a bipartisan group of senators, the American Hospital Association (AHA) urged Congress to extend the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program provides benefits towards high-speed internet access, which is vital for patients to utilize services such as telehealth, hospital at home, patient portals, electronic patient records, virtual scheduling, and remote patient monitoring.

The AHA emphasized in its letter that maintaining these benefits is crucial for the health and well-being of individuals, especially during these challenging times. Unfortunately, without legislative action, the benefits provided by the Affordable Connectivity Program are set to decrease to $14 per month this month and will completely expire in June.

It is imperative for Congress to extend this program to ensure that patients have continued access to essential healthcare services through telehealth and other digital platforms. The AHA’s letter highlighted how without these benefits, patients may struggle with limited connectivity options and may be unable to receive critical care they need. The AHA believes that extending this program will not only improve patient outcomes but also promote economic growth by increasing broadband adoption rates in rural communities.

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